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Because it can be more concrete and pragmatic

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About BrightStone Group

Consultancy is a vast discipline, the quality and effectiveness of which are often decided by how the services are carried out. Here at BrightStone Group, we believe that consultancy should be more tangible and practical. We understand the story behind the data and take this into account when providing our services. We work decisively, objectively and impartially, and offer real-world knowledge of and experience in the domains we operate in.

Sustainable, long-term improvement only occurs when things are measurable and can be compared to industry benchmarks, so we ensure that we regularly research trends and developments within the industry you operate, and collect the relevant benchmark data needed to get you results.

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Be confident in your future. We would love to help you build a healthy, agile finance organisation that’s both robust and future-proof.


Incorrect or inaccurate data leads to poor decision-making and directly impacts your bottom line. Opt for a smart and effective data management strategy.


Are you subject to Wwtf and obligated to screen (potential) clients/customers? Here at BrightStone Group, we understand the problems that these obligations bring about and we’d love to support you in overcoming them.


We know how to ensure organisations comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment they operate in and always take awareness, company culture and internal support into account.

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