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We guarantee the continuity and quality of your business

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About BrightStone Group

Demand surges, acute/structural capacity issues, the need to scale projects or departments… We’ve seen it all. Our consultants safeguard continuity and quality, and their knowledge and experience ensure they’re ready to make a difference from day one. This ensures you don’t waste vast amounts of precious time onboarding your consultant(s).

BrightStone Group consultants don’t just have the track record necessary to get the job done, they also have a mindset that allows them to tackle any project. We’re not just talking about their skills and knowledge, but also their ability to adapt to a new team and working environment. We’re able to provide you with the perfect consultant for your needs and company culture quickly.

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Improve your finance organisation’s continuity and quality with the help of our consultants.


An effective data-strategy in indispensable and our consultants can help you achieve it.


Our consultants and interim specialists have a proven track record working in the Financial Economic Crime (Financieel Economische Criminaliteit) domain.

Compliance & Risk

Our consultants help you identify risks and prevent unexpected issues.

Onze consultants

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