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It’s common for projects to take longer than expected and this can force you to invest more resources to ensure that all the hard work up until that point wasn’t wasted. However, this is something that can be prevented! Here at BrightStone Group, we know how to deal with these kinds of issues.

Effective project management is achieved by improving project planning and preparation, as well as increasing transparency. This is why we always choose to set clear goals and milestones and we always ensure work is distributed evenly. Internal support also plays an important part in effective project management and we always make sure that everyone’s on-board before getting started.

We are experienced in planning, organising, monitoring and managing all aspects of a (change) project, and we always ask (and answer) the right questions. What’s the project scope? What are the KPIs? What deadlines are we working with? How can we ensure we stay on-budget? What’s your company culture like? How does your organisation respond to change and how can we guarantee clear communication during the project? We ensure all of these questions, and more, are answered.

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Be confident in your future. We would love to help you build a healthy, agile finance organisation that’s both robust and future-proof.


Data Incorrect or inaccurate data leads to poor decision-making and directly impacts your bottom line. Opt for a smart and effective data management strategy.


Are you subject to Wwtf and obligated to screen (potential) clients/customers? Here at BrightStone Group, we understand the problems that these obligations bring about and we’d love to support you in overcoming them.


We know how to ensure organisations comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment they operate in and always take awareness, company culture and internal support into account.

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