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Cookie Policy BrightStone Group B.V.

BrightStone Group uses cookies on its website. In this Cookie Policy, you can find out which cookies BrightStone Group uses and what our reasons for using them are. 

1.       What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files a website saves on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit the website. Information about your visit to the site is stored in these cookies. By using cookies, website visitors can be identified the next time they visit a website. Cookies can contain personal data. BrightStone Group stores and processes personal data in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Click here for more information.

2.       Which cookies does BrightStone Group use on its website?

BrightStone Group uses the following cookies on its website:

Strictly necessary cookies
Strictly necessary cookies are required for the website to function properly and cannot be opted out of. They can be blocked in your browser settings, however, this may result in the website not working properly/optimally.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are used to improve a website’s functionality and tailor the user experience to individual visitors. This could include things like automatically displaying pages in your native language or the ability to login and stay logged in to the website. Functional cookies are only used if you have given explicit permission to do so. If you do not give permission for us to use these cookies, certain website functionality may be lost.

Analytics cookies
Analytics cookies are cookies used to track website visits. The data and analytics provided by these cookies provide insights to BrightStone Group about how its website is used, what type of information website visitors are looking for and which pages are visited most. The data provided by these cookies is aggregated and cannot be traced back to any one individual.

Targeting cookies
Targeting cookies are provided by third-party advertisers to create a user profile based on their interests. This allows relevant advertisements to be served on other websites and social media channels. If you don’t give permission for these cookies, then advertisements on other websites may be less relevant to your situation.

View and manage your cookie settings
You always have permission to access and manage your cookie settings. You can also configure your browser settings to inform you when cookies are added to your machine. If you completely block the use of cookies, then it is likely that websites will not function or will function less well. 

Third-party content
BrightStone Group’s website uses third-party cookies provided by social media channels to integrate certain social media features on its website and/or to show third part content on its site. This can include but is not limited to YouTube videos or Google Maps directions to BrightStone Group’s office. 

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