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Compliance audit

It’s important for financial institutions to have a capable, independent compliance function. On top of this, you are subject to an ever-growing set of complicated national and international laws and regulations. Regulatory pressure isn’t letting up either.

BrightStone Group

Independent assessment

Are you interested in finding out how well your compliance function works and are you interested in receiving an independent assessment? BrightStone Group offers high-quality and independent compliance audits, ensuring you get clear on your situation and can take any necessary steps quickly.

Compliance audit: What is it and how does it work?

Our compliance audit covers governance and how your compliance function operates. We look at assigned tasks, roles and responsibilities, how activities are carried out and how they are reported. In addition to our own experience, we also take laws and regulations and the expectations of your regulatory bodies into account.
Some of the most important topics covered in our audit include:

  • WTT; 
  • SIRA; 
  • AML Directive 5; 
  • PSD2;
  • GDPR. 

Expertise and quality

Could you do with a compliance audit and is expertise and quality your main goal? Reach out to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.