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Compliance check

Do you know what your organisation’s compliance obligations are? And do you know whether you comply with these obligations? BrightStone Group’s Compliance Check provides instant clarity and insights. This ensures that your good reputation is maintained and you do not risk any fines.

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What is a compliance check?

A compliance check is a quick scan that checks whether your organisation complies with its obligations. This shows you exactly which documents, workflows, files and agreements need to be modified. BrightStone Group’s compliance check includes the following:

  • Reviewing your SIRA, Wwft and/or Sanctions Law (Sanctiewetgeving) policy
  • IInterviews with employees responsible for compliance, policies, awareness and other aspects of compliance.
  • Analysis of the risks (likelihood and impact).
  • Reviewing the implemented controls.
  • Drafting and providing feedback on the report

This gives you a clear overview of your current position, what requirements you need to comply with and what you need to do to improve. A clear report will be provided upon completion of the compliance check.

Want to benefit from our compliance check?

Want to benefit from our compliance check? Reach out to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.