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Data consultancy

“Data is king!”, “Big data is changing the world.” and “Data is the new gold.”
These are things we’ve all heard over the past few years. Much of this is true since data is a vital part of the digital transformation most organisations are going through. However, this digital transformation brings up a lot of questions. With an ever-growing amount of data at your fingertips, more choices have to be made and there are more opportunities and risks than ever before. Developing an effective and efficient data strategy is becoming ever more important. BrightStone’s data consultants can help you in developing and optimising your data strategy.

BrightStone Group

Different roles

We support organisations with consultants at every experience level (junior, medior, senior), providing them with the knowledge and skills they need. Whether you’re facing a particularly busy time and you need a consultant to lighten the load, or you’re in need of specific expertise or leadership skills for a particular project, we can provide you with the consultant you need. Our consultants have various roles, including:

  • Data Analyst (Python, Power BI, SQL, R)
  • Data Steward
  • Data Engineer (Python, R, Azure, Snowflake etc.)
  • Data Scientist (R, Predictive analytics, Python, Power BI, SQL)
  • Business Analist

Ready to go

Are you in search of a data expert that can start adding value to your organisation quickly? Reach out to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.