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Interim financial from BrightStone Group

Are you currently facing a capacity issue while at the same time, complicated issues and tight deadlines are quickly becoming overwhelming? A goal-oriented interim financial from BrightStone Group is ready to support your organisation. 

BrightStone Group

Safeguard continuity and quality

Our consultants know how to safeguard the quality and continuity of your finance organisation. Whether you’re looking for an expert or someone who can manage/lead a project or team, BrightStone group works to understand your needs and works quickly to implement a solution. We can recommend a consultant that fits both your project and team quickly, ensuring both the right knowledge and good teamwork.

Finance expertise

We provide interim finance experts with the following areas of expertise:

  • Financial Control;
  • Business Control & Project Control;
  • ESG Reporting;
  • Financial Planning & Analysis;
  • Accounting (GAAP/IFRS);
  • Digitisation & Automation;
  • Managing change and transitions.

The right consultant for every situation

Times of high-demand don’t have to be stressful! We build a deep understanding of your organisation in record time, ensuring the right consultant is chosen for your specific situation. This ensures that the expert or manager fits in perfectly with your organisation and team. So much so, in fact, that people will hardly notice they’re at your company on an interim-basis. Are you in search of an interim finance professional that will truly make a difference?

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