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Business is business, right? Unfortunately, things can be a little more complicated. As a Wwft-compliant organisation, you are obligated to screen (potential) clients before doing business with them and periodically to ensure they do not misuse or abuse your services. BrightStone Group is more than happy to advise you on Wwft-compliance.

Meaning and context

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. It’s a set of measures that help you counter Financial Economic Crime (FEC) when onboarding clients and when executing on your Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies. CDD and Customer Due Diligence help you monitor existing clients and comply with the Wwft and sanction regulations (Sanctiewetgeving).

Managing integrity and reputational risk

Constantly changing laws and regulations can make it difficult to keep track. Which laws and regulations is your organisation subject to, what are the steps you need to take and in which order?BrightStone Group can help you develop a solid KYC and CDD policy, helping you to manage your integrity and reputational risk. We also supervise remediation efforts and help you optimise your CDD and Transaction Monitoring departments.

Need help with KYC and CDD?

Our vast knowledge and personal touch can help you deal with this challenge. This ensures you’re ready for the future, regardless of what it might bring. Enter your contact details on this page and we will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

CDD compliance

Clarity and insights are the keys to CDD compliance. BrightStone Group can help promote clarity and generate insights in your organisation.

Program management

BrightStone Group provides program management in the areas of remediation and the setting up of a CDD framework, helping to relieve the burden on your organisation and improving your results.

Periodic Review

High work loads relating to periodic reviews can be a challenge. BrightStone Group can take these reviews off your hands and provide you with a risk-based record.

Consultancy & Interim

Our consultants and interim specialists have a proven track record working in the Financial Economic Crime (Financieel Economische Criminaliteit) domain. Choose vigour, experience and expertise. How can we help your organisation?

BrightStone Group

BrightStone Experts

Sharing knowledge everyone benefits from is what we’re passionate about. BrightStone Group has the knowledge, experience and talent to help you improve and take you from mere aspirations to results. Our consultants help you optimise your KYC/CDD policies/procedures. Whether you need support with a QickScan, Wwft-audit or CDD-remediation, BrightStone Experts always know how to make a difference.

From Bright to Brighter

Our professionals are never done learning. Regardless of how impressive someone’s professional resume is, staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest is always worthwhile. By continuously investing in our Bright experts, we ensure they can easily adapt to changes in your industry or organisation. That’s why we offer specialised workshops, complete education programs and traineeships, including our Potential Program. This not only allows our experts to improve their knowledge and develop and improve vital soft skills but it also aides in their personal development process

Our professionals

Are you in search of (new) career opportunities in Finance?

BrightStone Group


Working as Client Service Officer

“I appreciate BrightStone Group as a diverse and inclusive employer. The team is a group of individuals with different backgrounds, skills, gender, race, age and more. I like the culture and open communication appeals to me.”

BrightStone Group
BrightStone Group



“I am happy I choose BrightStone Group to start my career! BrightStone Group immediately appealed to me because of the open culture; everyone gets along so easily! BrightStone Group gives me the opportunity to develop myself through the training and educational program.”

BrightStone Group
BrightStone Group


Realisation Officer

“Finding professionals and matching them to the right project where they can learn and develop themselves, both personally ánd professionally, is what I love about my job.”

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