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Whether you’re facing a capacity issue, you need general advice or you’re looking for an expert who can ensure your project is successful, BrightStone Group is here to help.

BrightStone Group

Proven track record

Our consultants and interim specialists have a proven track record working in the Financial Economic Crime (Financieel Economische Criminaliteit) domain.

KYC/CDD expertise

In addition to regularly working on complex consultancy projects, we are also regularly involved in fully completing and managing FEC projects. Our consultants can support you in all aspects of KYC/CDD. You can find more information on five of these aspects below.

Laws and regulations

During an initial QuickScan, we will discuss your options and your current situation, get clear on your goals and cleary define your automation opportunities. We then expand on these opportunities and prioritise them based on their cost and how much time and resources they save your organisation.

Permits and licences

We help organisations draft the necessary policies and procedures regarding permit applications, as well as organise and sort all relevant documentation. However, it doesn’t end there. We also support organisations in maintaining their permits as well as raising awareness and creating support internally.

Quick Scan

Our KYC/CDD Quick Scan ensures you know where you stand and which standards/regulations you nee to comply with. Our Quick Scans cover the following steps:

  • Reviewing your SIRA, Wwft and/or Sanctions Law (Sanctiewetgeving) policy
  • Interviews with employees responsible for compliance, CDD investigations, transaction monitoring and sanction screening.
  • Random testing/verification of CDD files and transaction monitoring and sanction screening procedures
  • Drafting and providing feedback on the report

Wwft audits

How well does your Wwft audit function perform? Since this function needs to be filled by someone who’s independent, outsourcing it can be a good option.

BrightStone Group provides a high-quality audit function that periodically reviews the design and implementation of SIRA, Wwft and Sanctions legislation (Sanctiewetgeving). We focus on management integrity, CDD, AML, FIU reporting and sanction screening, but we don’t stop there. We also consider other important aspects, including your company culture, learning/development and awareness. This provides a complete overview of your organisation’s Wwft compliance and operations.


As part of their duty of care and to combat money laundering, the Wwft states that financial institutions must be clear on who their customers/clients are. To comply with the law, financial institutions are required to process and store sensitive personal data. However, the GDPR sets strict requirements on the data you store about individuals and how this data is used, resulting in legal and ethical dilemmas for organisations.

Our privacy experts help organisations that process personal data in understanding the privacy risks they face and the challenges they need to overcome. What do you need to comply with, how do you ensure that the organisation is aware of the privacy risks it faces and how do you create a process that ensures this risk is dealt with? Our privacy QuickScan gives you a clear picture of your current situation and provides you with advice on dealing with the risks you face. After completing the QuickScan, we offer the following services depending on your needs:

  • Data Protection Officer

Want to learn more?

Would you like to speak with a consultant or interim specialist who can make a difference in your department or (project) team? We partner with Lumen Group who are experts in privacy and information security in order to provide you with Wwft audits.

Reach out to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.