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Process automation

Are ready to start working smarter instead of harder and are you convinced that certain repetitive/manual processes in your organisation can be automated? BrightStone Group helps organisations with business process automation. This ensures you can focus on your core business, saving you time, money and effort.

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Our approach

Examples of what we can automate include data quality rules, business processes (in the form of Robotic Process Automation), workflows and reporting. Is this something you can imagine your company benefiting from? To give you an even better idea of what we can do for your organisation, here is an overview of what our approach looks like:


During the QuickScan we discuss your current situation, your goals and the automation opportunities you could benefit from. We then expand on these opportunities and prioritise them based on the revenue they can generate, the costs they can save and what they would cost to implement.

Proof of Concept

The prioritisation step is important, but you won’t truly be convinced until you’ve seen the results for yourself. That’s why we start with a proof of concept on a smaller scale, automating a small task that will instantly save you time and money. This can sometimes be achieved in a little as a single day!


Once you’ve had the chance to experience the effects of process automation, we agree on a roadmap. In this roadmap, we also take the following things into account: how the new way of working fits into your organisation, the architecture, selecting the right tools, measuring the results and preparing an implementation plan.

Process automation results

Are you eagerly looking forward to automating your (business) processes and want to learn more about it? Reach out to us to find out what we can do for your organisation.